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Nc’Nean Quiet Rebels Annabel

Nc'Nean Quiet Rebels Annabel Distillery: Nc' Nean Company: Drimnin Distillery Company Cask Maturation 64% Ex-Bourbon 22% Ex-Tokaji 7% STR Red Wine 7% PX Sherry Hogshead Strength 48.5% ABV Note Limited…
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Nc’ Nean Bottles

Nc'Nean bottles Nc'Nean released 4 batches of their Organic single malt whiskies. these single malt whiskies where made by organic Scotisch barley. Each batch is small and will taste slightly diffrent…
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Nc’nean Distillery

Nc' Nean Distillery The name Nc'nean (pronounced Nc-ne-an, which sounds like Nc-knee-anne) comes from Neachneohain, the Queen of Spirits in Gaelic legend. Neachneohain was a huntress: strong, independent and never…
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