Cley Distillery

Cley Distillery is a micro distillery founded in 2015 by Paul den Dulk and Maria de Sena Neves. Cley Distillery is located at the Overschiese Kleiweg, the historical rich part of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Cley Distillery distill their single malt whisky and  blended whisky three times by a 17th year old distilling method.

Their whisky is distilled in an original Schiedamse pot still.

This so the new make spirit has its own unique character and flavor. 

After distilling the new make spirit will mature for three years in carefully selected Ex-Bourbon barrels (Jack Daniels, Heaven Hill or Woodford).

After this maturation process the 3 year old whisky will be finished in roasted new American oak quartercasks for 6 months. This will develops its own unique flavor and character. 

Cley Distillery only use organic materials and do everything by hand. 

On a yearly basis they produce approximately around 2500 liters and have around 72. They also mature their whiskies in smaller quarter cask with different kind of finishes like: 

  • Olorosso 
  • Perdo Ximinez 
  • Mocatel 

Its possible to buy a quarter cask from the distillery with their cask friend program. read more about that below. 

This micro distillery is making something special and we need to keep an eye out for in the near future. Magical things are happening here, I’ve tasted it myself. 

  • Owner

    den Dulk & Neves

  • Status


  • Country


  • City:


  • Production type:

    Single Malt Dutch Whisky, Dutch Rye & Malt Whisky, Gin

  • Founded


  • Production yearly

    2500 Liters


Because the distillery started production in 2015 this micro distillery is very young, but already produce 10.000 liter a year.

In a couple of years this micro distillery from Rotterdam is already making name for them self.

In 2018 the distillery produced their first blended whisky, the Malt and Rye and the Malt and Rye Cask Strength.

In 2019 the distillery produced their first Dutch Single Malt Whisky and their Dutch Single Malt Cask Strength. 

The distillery is now experimenting with new kind of cask finishes for future releases. 

Distillery Facts

Taste profile


  • Low nutty, chocolate

Cask Friends 

As a Cask Friend you fill your own barrel with Cley new spirit, malt & rye or single malt whisky. Follow the maturation of your whisky and bottle your own bottles when the time comes!

Their have three type of Cask size to choose from: 

  • 10 Liter cask 
  • 65 liter cask
  • 100 liter cask 

What type of vessel can you choose?
Their barrels are made from new (virgin) American oak.

After production, sherry or wine is aged on some of the barrels for 3 months.

They are then emptied and delivered to the Cley Distillery. You can therefore choose from the following barrel types:

  • New American oak.
  • American oak matured oloroso sherry.
  • American oak on which moscatel wine matured
  • American oak matured Pedro Ximenez sherry

For more information about prices and reservations 


Distillery Tours



A guided walk around the micro distillery, followed by a tasting of their whiskies 


About 1 hour


You don’t have time for a tour, not to worry. You can still experience Cley’s amazing Dutch whiskies in a travel case. you can choose these travel cases: 


Cley Dutch Whisky gift box

2 drams


€14,95 per person

Cley Dutch Whisky gift box 

4 drams


€24,95 per person
“By experiencing the entire process yourself, from malt to whiskey, you can see the spirit develop in 4 years into a layered wood-aged whisky. This development differs per barrel. When we step into the warehouse in the morning, the scent of spirit and wood meets you. Every time it is a gift to see how nicely a product ripens over time.”
Paul den Dulk
Distillery manager


with Master distiller and owner of Cley distillery Paul Den Dulk

During my visit at the micro distillery i got the chance to ask a couple of questions about the distillery and whisky they produce, their current core range and the passion of distilling Dutch single malt whisky. 

Master Distiller and owner of Cley distillery Paul den Dulk

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Overschiese Kleiweg 745
3045LM Rotterdam
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