Glenfiddich snow phoenix

The Snow Phoenix is a one-time 2010 bottling of cask strength, non-chill-filtered Glenfiddich whiskies of different finishes and ages (from 13 to 30 years).

One thousand bottles of the Snow Phoenix were initially made available exclusively to members of the Glenfiddich Explorers online club. A total of only 12,000 bottles will be in circulation. Bechard said he was surprised when he was told the Snow Phoenix would retail for $89.99. Given the Snow Phoenix’s uniqueness and limited bottling, Bechard said it could have been priced at least twice its list. Bechard said the Snow Phoenix’s pricing makes it possible to buy one bottle to enjoy now, and another to keep. Entrepreneurial types are taking advantage of the Snow Phoenix’s scarcity and affordability

The snow phoenix



  • Selected casks of different ages and finishes (including Oloroso sherry and American oak)
  • NAS (between 13 to 30 year old) 
  • Bottled: 2010
  • 95.2 proof (47.6% ABV)

  • Non-chill-filtered

  • Limited to only 12.000 bottles

  • Limited edition 2010 bottling
  • Size: 70, 75 cl 


Lives in danger in large areas of the Scottish Highlands are in the hands of these remarkable volunteers. Their camaraderie, dedication and professionalism saves many lives – from crashed aircraft passengers to lost children. Glenfiddich honour them with Snow Phoenix and with a special contribution to their continuing work.

After working hard and cleaning the snow at the warehouse the employers and staff at the distillery recognized the cold and hard work. This started the idea of contribution to the Scottisch Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team. 

Want to read more about these volunteers that risk their lives to safe others or help out by donating, click on the button below. 

Whisky fact:
"If the devastating collapse of the roof at the warehouse didn't happen in 2010, we wouldn't have this limited edition by Glenfiddich."
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