Johnnie Walker
Blue Label

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  • Strength

    40% ABV

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  • Age:

    NAS ( Youngest rumored to be 28 years old)

  • Colour:

    Dark amber

  • Nose:

    This is a good example why Johnny walker is so famous. The balance and complexity in this whisky is on point. The perfect marriage between old oak sherry cask and fresh youthful whiskies. Aromas of sherry, dried fruits, hazelnut honey, figs, peated malt, licorice, dark chocolate. But also very fresh red, orange, yellow and green fruits. spices and delicate peattiness

  • Palate:

    The same beautiful aromas on the nose are on the palate but with a smooth and mouth filling explosion of all these flavours. it got depth, complexity and body.

  • Finish:

    Long and delicious finish with sherry, honey, figs and spices. Hints of raisins, dark chocolate, roasted coffee beans, caramel and delicate peat smoke.

  • Conclusion:

    Iconic in the range of Johnnie Walker. if you love Johnnie Walker you have to try this expression. 16 rare Scottish whiskies where blended together with the youngest rumored to be 28 year old and there even whiskies inside this expression from closed distilleries. This makes it something special with every sip.

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