Johnnie Walker Double Black

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  • Strength

    40% ABV

  • Note


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  • Age:

    NAS (minimum 12 years)

  • Colour:

    Light amber

  • Nose:

    Rich peat and smokiness. Behind these aromas there is sherry, vanilla nuts, and honey noticeable.

  • Palate:

    Same complex peat and smokiness noticeable. Peat on the tongue but covers in caramel and honey. more flavors of nuts, sherry, dried fruit.

  • Finish:

    Long finish because of the smokiness.It also leaves you with a rich taste of honey, caramel and nuts.

  • Conclusion:

    The core range of the Johnnie Walker. Who didn't start out drinking Johnnie Walker. This is a great drink to mix in a cocktail or with coke. Its one to drink it neat but it lacks a bit of body. the smokiness gives it a kick and the spices makes up for a lot. I would recommend a more older version of the Johnnie Walker, if you want to drink it neat. You would thank me later.

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