Johnnie Walker Platinum Label

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  • Strength

    40% ABV

  • Note


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  • Age:

    18 years old

Very Good
  • Colour:


  • Nose:

    A complex nose with aromas of almond honey, citrus, raisins, apricot, licorice and vanilla. Balanced peat smoke.

  • Palate:

    A easy sipper but still got complexity, with notes of sweet and creamy flavors. Delicate notes of cinnamon rolls, grapefruit zest. The peat smoke arrives later on the palate.

  • Finish:

    Soft but long finish with light smoke, lingering maltiness and hints of nuts and pipe tobacco.

  • Conclusion:

    For the Platinum label they selected limited and unique barrels that where selected because of their unique character. The intense and smooth and subtle peat smoke are well balanced and blended perfectly with the single malts and grain whiskies.

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